The 18th Symposium on Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism in Man will be held in Lyon, France from 12-14 June 2019

We are pleased to welcome you to this Symposium on nucleobases, nucleosides and nucleotides and their metabolism in a variety of diseases and biomedical research fields. We hope you will participate in scientific discussions and use the opportunity to discover or rediscover the beautiful city of Lyon. On this website, you will find information on registration, abstract submission, travel grants and accommodation. This will be updated with new information until the beginning of the symposium.

The local organizing committee
Lars P Jordheim, Charles Dumontet, Suzanne Peyrottes & Laurent Chaloin

Symposium Infomation:

The venue
The PP19 will be held at the International Agency of Research on Cancer (IARC) in Lyon situated at 150 Cours Albert Thomas, 69008 Lyon. Phone: +33 4 72 73 84 85. The site is easily accessible with public transport (Metro, Tram and Bus at Grange Blanche - click here for a transport map of Lyon).

Preliminary program

 Tuesday June 11th 2019  
 18.00-22.00  Welcome cocktail for early arrivals
 Wednesday June 12th 2019  The Auditorium, IARC
 8.30-8.40  Opening
 8.40-10.30  Session 1
 10.30-11.00  Coffee break
 11.00-13.00  Session 2
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-16.00  Session 3
 16.00-17.00  Coffee break and Poster session 1
 17.00-18.00  Session 4
 18.00-19.00  Anne Simmonds Memorial Lecture
Monika Loeffler, Marburg
This lecture is sponsored by PUMPA
 20.00-23.30  Symposium dinner
Dinner Cruise on the rivers Rhone and Saone
 Thursday June 13th 2019  The Auditorium, IARC
 8.30-10.30  Session 5
 10.30-11.30  Coffee break and Poster session 2
 11.30-13.00  Session 6
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-15.30  Session 7
 16.00-19.00  Sightseeing trip
 19.30-21.00  PPS Board Meeting
 Friday June 14th 2019  The Auditorium, IARC
 9.00-10.30  Session 8
 10.30-11.30  Coffee break and Poster session 3
 11.30-13.00  Session 9
 13.00-14.00  Lunch
 14.00-15.00  PPS General assembly
 15.00-16.30  Session 10
 16.30  Coffee break and break up

Invited Speakers:
- Mark Rider, Brussels
- Caius Radu, Los Angeles
- Mounira Amor-Gueret, Paris
- Sylvain Latour, Paris
- Tormod Bjaanes Karlsen, Bergen
- Santiago Ramon-Maiques, Madrid

Scientific topics:
- Advances in gout and hyperuricemia
- Inborn Errors of Purine and Pyrimidine Metabolism
- Purines and Pyrimidines in Cancer - therapies and personal medicine
- Purine and pyrimidine transporters and receptors
- Purinergic Signaling and Extracellular Metabolism
- Purine and pyrimidine enzyme regulation
- Purines and pyrimidines in inflammation and autoimmune disease
- Purines and Pyrimidines in Mitochondria and Mitochondrial Disorders
- Purine and Pyrimidine-based structure-function and drug design
- Non-mammalian purine and pyrimidine metabolism
- Purines and Pyrimidines Metabolism in Cardiovascular, Immune and Neurological Disorders and Parasitis Disease
- Purines and Pyrimidines in cell cycle regulation, epigenetics and signal transduction

Abstract submission and template
The deadline for abstract submission was March 31th. The selection process is now in progress and the authors will be informed in April.

The following hotels have been contacted and have rooms for PP19 attendees. They are all in walking distance from the venue. Please indicate that you are participating to PP19 when booking.

   Rate  Breakfast  Contact information
 Hotel Mercure
69 cours Albert Thomas - 69003 Lyon
 152 euros for single  Included  +33 4 78 53 76 76
 Lagrange Apart'hotel
81/85 cours Albert Thomas - 69003 Lyon
 99 euros for double  Included  +33 4 87 76 28 00
 B&B Lyon Monplaisir
9 rue Antoine Lumiere - 69008 Lyon
 70 euros for double or twin  6.15 euros  +33 4 78 77 34 18
 Hotel Le Lumiere
26 rue Villon - 69008 Lyon
 79 euros  Included  +33 4 78 00 61 81

Please go to this website to find other hotels if needed.

Travel grants for young investigators
Students and post-docs (up til 4 years after PhD) are welcome to apply for travel grants by returning this application form before April 20th 2019.

Upon registration, please fill out and return this file . Registration fees are as following and should be payed directly to the bank account hereunder or through the PayPal link hereunder. As the symposium is limited to 120 participants, we encourage early registration.

   Before April 15 2019  After April 15 2019
 Student members*  250 euros  350 euros
 PPS members**  350 euros  450 euros
 Non members  450 euros  550 euros

*Please join the copy of valid student card or a confirmation letter from the supervisor
**PPS members are defined as a person who has paid the membership fee to the Purine and Pyrimidine Society

To become a member of PPS, please fill out the membership form available on the Society's website and pay the membership fees by bank account or PayPal.

Account number: 1605 285 77
IBAN NL15RABO 0160528577
Purine and Pyrimidine Society, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Bank address: RABO Bank Den Haag, Bezuidenhoutseweg 5, 2594 AB 's Gravenhage, The Netherlands

Payment of registration fee (until 15th April 2019)

Registration fee (until 15th April 2019)

* Please send us the copy of valid student card or a confirmation letter from the supervisor.

Payment of registration fee (after 15th April 2019)

Registration fee (after 15th April 2019)

* Please send us the copy of valid student card or a confirmation letter from the supervisor.

The organizers are grateful for the financial support obtained from our sponsors